About Us


About CSS

    Carmona Strategic Solutions (CSS) is a Professional Services Firm (PSF). Our services include leadership development, strategy, business development, executive search, executive coaching and organizational development. These services are executed through CSS teams consisting of experienced subject matter experts. Services are also executed by CSS founder and CEO Roberto Carmona. Roberto has been trained in the Harvard Case Study Method, and aids businesses by creating custom, personalized case studies. These studies serve as strategic thinking tools for problem solving, innovation and strategic thinking. 


Our Approach per Service

   Leadership Development:  

 CSS takes a professional approach to leadership development. We do not see leadership development as an occupation or vocation. Rather, we see leaders as professionals who have a lifelong commitment to making themselves, their people and organizations better.   

Business development: 

CSS engages with clients seeking to develop more effective and formal sales processes in order to increase sales and a build customized sales funnel. To accomplish such a task, CSS will train the client’s sales leadership team in effective sales strategies, tactics and innovations focused on increasing sales, customer solutions and innovations. 



  Executive search: 

CSS has over 15 years of successful executive search engagements throughout the corporate, government, nonprofit and small business sectors. CSS has proven methodologies and processes that can identify, engage and recruit top talent from competitors while promoting client organizations to bring their talents. 

Executive Coaching: 

CSS has been selected as subject matter experts in the areas of executive coaching for top leaders from corporate, governmental, nonprofit and small business sectors. Examples of executive coaching engagements include: How to help leaders build team-oriented cultures, enhancing an executive’s communication effectiveness design, executing organizational safety while creating workplace cultures pertaining to innovation and overall team harmony. 

Organizational Development

The CSS team uses methods and processes for engagement in organizational development and team building in consulting, retreats, and strategy sessions. CSS has a portfolio of tools they utilize to gain maximum impact and quality engagement from participants in such events. These methods and tools have been leveraged from CSS participation in trainings with the Second City Training Center of Chicago, the Harvard Kennedy Schools Executive Education Programs and corporate trainings in team building.